Gravity Unplugged – The Special Theory of Relativity

In this blog, attached are three stanzas of a long, multi-stanza poem of mine as one of a series on classical physics subjects. It is titled “Gravity Unplugged” and is essentially a tutorial on the classical Newtonian formulation of gravity.

Newton pendulumThese three stanzas begin an explanation of the Special Theory of Relativity, essential to the understanding of classical gravity formulated by Newton, hundreds of years ago, the theory of which turned classical physics upside down and launched us on the understanding of science in our modern world.

Gravity Unplugged
by John Maling

Newton abolished absolute space
When he saw that events in a moving frame
Obeyed the same laws as when those events
Occurred in places of stationary fame.

In today’s speed-of-sound world,
Playing catch on a smooth airline flight
Is no different than fielding a ball
At the family’s old (and beloved) homesite.

Einstein did away with absolute time,
By using constant-speed light to show
That the time interval between events
Depends upon the following “know:”

Any questions, so far? More to come!

To be continued

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