The Beauty and Power of a Mountain Vista – Feel As If You Are Holding a Mountain in Your Hand

Have You Ever Held a Mountain? is an illustrated published poem of mine. I’m honored that is has received multiple book awards as a gift book and for poetry since it was published. An excerpt from it is found below.

Have You Ever Held a Mountain by John MalingAs to its origin — its purpose — in my mountaineering days, long ago, I would fantasize holding the mountain in my hand, the one I and my friends were about climb. Reaching out in my mind was an exercise in imagination. It altered my perspective and consciousness profoundly for the austere but strangely beautiful places I and my companions found ourselves.

We were a diverse lot, but with a common dedicated mindset: after a tedious, exhausting effort meeting the challenge, we hoped to find ourselves eventually on the summit, with a sense of man-overcoming-nature accomplishment and with a world-view of the range we found ourselves in.

Words alone cannot convey the experience of the mountain vista, complex as it is, with its many moods, brought on by kindred moods of weather and light. The poem is photo-illustrated because of this. The poem and accompanying photos, one for each of the 32 lines, gives a succinct visual and verbal description of that imaginary experience — holding a mountain.
. . .
Have you ever held a mountain?
Reached out and touched and asked
Felt its thrust and silence
Before the thunder crashed
Clasped the patient massiveness
Tossed up in ages past?
. . .

USA Book News Best Books Award WinnerThis 6-line excerpt tells something of the intention of the 32 line poem, published by Mile High Press, Ltd., the publishing arm of our author-consulting business. It is headed Dr. Judith Briles, known as The Book Shepherd.

National Indie Excellence AwardsHave You Ever Held a Mountain is beautifully presented in hardback and can be ordered through Amazon.


John2005John Maling is an Editor and Indexer. He’s the author of the multi-award winning book, Have Your Ever Held a Mountain? His website is and email

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