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Every author needs an editor. Some authors need an Index — you get both under one roof.

The difference between a good book and a great book is an editor. Every author needs an editor. Period.


. . . From Proofreading to Content Rewriting to Post Layout


Every Book Needs An Editor

An editor should be able to assess your book quickly, identify areas that need addressing and supply suggestions to polish and panache to your work. It is critical that an editor maintains the author’s “voice.”

Who Am I? My professional background is in teaching, research and publishing in physics and engineering. I am a published author of Have You Ever Held a Mountain, a photo-illustrated poetry gift book, in collaboration with Grant Collier, award-winning and published Colorado photographer.

I also work closely with many of the clients working with The Book Shepherd, Judith Briles.

My editing work has ranged widely, from poetry, biography, history, business, memoir and nutrition books as well as articles.


How to Start the Editing Process with John

  1. Contact John by email ( or phone (303-885-4460 or 303-627-9179) before sending him your manuscript.
  2. Discuss the goals for your book, what type of help you need for it and your time frame. If you live in Colorado, a face-to-face meeting is recommended in his offices in Aurora, Colorado. Otherwise, phone and or Skype will work.
  3. Send your manuscript or sample chapters electronically (or by snail mail) to him.
  4. He will review the materials and get back to you with a proposal including an estimate on time, costs and any other issues.
  5. Depending on the length of the book and how much editing is required, expect to get updates and final edited copy within a month.
    If your book requires substantive editing (reorganizing, rewrites, research), there will be additional time.
  6. John either will edit your book online (using “tracking” in Word) or mark up a hard copy that he will mail back to you. The method will be agreed upon ahead of time.
  7. One half of the estimated editing fee is due when your editing job commences. The balance is due upon receipt of the edited manuscript.


There is no charge for your initial meeting or phone consultation.


How Do I Work?

Even if you are “remote,” I expect to work closely with an author throughout the editing process to insure remaining faithful to their purpose, their message and their voice.
Both a hard copy and an electronic copy of a manuscript are customarily provided by the author. They are reviewed and an estimate given for the work.

Service includes a review of the manuscript during and after layout, considered essential to the success of the project.


What Does It Cost?

Ahhh . . . the $64,000 Question! The answer is: it depends on each project. Fees are reasonable, half due at initiation of the job and balance on conclusion.