Writing Outside of Your Computer

Writing Outside of Your Computer

Writing outside of your computer …

meaning that you do it with your hand via a favorite pencil or pen … and the heart leads. pencil write

There’s much to be said for stepping away from electronics. Connect your brain with the flow and rhythm of your hand, your arm. Let your imagination guide you.  It’s easy to glare at a computer screen. And get stuck. Get unstuck; kickstart your creative juices by doing this exercise: write with pen or pencil.

Consider starting your writing with the beginning of a sentence or a phrase that you glance at when you open a book–any book–and just see what ends up on the page in front of you. Then tweak it … whether you can use it or toss it doesn’t matter. You are warmed up.

Many a writing coach, a muse, will encourage you to step away from your routine of writing and do it differently. The result just may bring a spring into what follows.


John2005John Maling is an Editor and Indexer. He’s the authu.or of the multi-award winning book, Have Your Ever Held a Mountain? His website is EditingByJohn.com and email EditingByJohn@aol.com.

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